Stacy Smith Volunteer Award

In his “Thousand Points of Light” speech, President George H. W. Bush moved a nation to recognition of those thousands and thousands of volunteers that dedicate themselves to the aid of humanity to help to make this world a better place. Some of those “Points” shine brighter than others.
The Quiet Water Society decided in 2018 that it was time to place our light on some our own shining examples. Each year, hundreds of selfless individuals, as supporters of the Quiet Water Society and the many organizations that participate in this symposium, donate countless hours, talents, and money to the causes that make our world a better place. All of them are deserving of recognition for their contributions. The first one there is often the last to leave, and that is the one person to whom everyone knows you can go for that little bit extra that we just can’t pull it off. Oddly it often seems that person steps to the back when the laurels are handed out. Those volunteers are the ones that every organization, movement, or cause leader hopes for and treasures the most.

The Stacy Smith Outstanding Volunteer Award was presented for the first time at the Quiet Water Symposium in 2018 to her family in memory of her many years of volunteer service to her many causes and her selfless dedication to the paddling community. The award was designed to be given annually to a volunteer deserving of recognition for the qualities that Stacy exemplified.

2018 Stacy Smith (posthumously) 
2019 Rich Bailey
2020 Pat Harrington and Robin Barfoot
2023 Joe Lessard