Speakers and Demonstrations

Full List of 35 speakers and demonstrators is available!


 Here is our Schedule of Presentations and here are the Demonstrations, although we may have some changes. We selected across a set of themes, including canoeing, kayaking, biking, hiking, sailing, fly fishing, nature and more.

There have been two changes due to unforeseen circumstance:

In the Auditorium/ Main Stage:  9:30 am presentation slot will be filled by Collin Tarr - Trans Catalina Trail: Four Days Off the Coast of California"

In the Au Sable River Room: 9:30 am presentation slot will be filled by Jonathan Ahlbrand - Cold Water, Deadly Water: Understanding and Managing the Risks

We hope that you enjoy these and wish Cory Maria Dack and Todd Poquette the best, hoping to see them next year. 


Just to whet your appetite, here are a few of the speakers for QAS 2024, in no particular order:

Hap Wilson
Explore Manitoba's Best Canoe Routes
Camper Christina
Portaging in The Canadian Wilderness
Stacie and Vince Sadowski
Wilderness Within Reach: Planning Your Visit to North Manitou Island
Wally Werderich
Tales of the 2023 Guinness World Record breaking descent of the Mississippi River
Julie  and Capt. Hugh Covert
Warning: Hurricanes Shred Schedules
Cliff Jacobson
Camping Secrets!
Gwen Botting
Cycling Blind - on a single bike, not a tandem!
Stephanie Gandulla
Exploring the Shallow Shipwrecks of Thunder Bay National Marine Sanctuary
John Chase
Power to the Paddle: Exercises to Improve Your Paddling
Sue Bakkila
Turn Right Instead: Adventuring in the Eastern UP
Kevin Callan
River Canoe Routes of Ontario
Michael Gray
Fly Fishing remote regions of Patagonia
Vic Foerster
Naked in the Stream, Isle Royale Stories
Bryan Wilkinson and Billy Vickers
Adaptive Hiking and Cycling
Jess Rasmussen, Charlotte Towsley, Shawn Towsley
Bicycle Touring with Children Tips and Tricks
Dan Dueweke
After the Storm-- Reopening the BWCA's Border Route Trail