QAS 2024 Speaker/Demonstration Proposals

Do you have an exciting tale to tell of your adventures? Would you like to assist other adventurers in traveling safely, with the right equipment and the best guidance? Do you have work to convey on the outdoors, environmental stewardship, and caring for the land and waters?  Can you demonstrate skills?  Whether you are a biker, a hiker, a paddler, a sailor, a rower, a fishing afficionado, or an outdoor enthusiast, please think about submitting a proposal to speak or have a QAS demonstration at QAS 2024. This year we are encouraging both speaking proposals and QAS demonstration proposals,

If you have something, please submit a Proposal to us at  Speaker and Demonstration Proposals. We must receive your proposal by Jan 4, 2024. We have a limited number of rooms and spaces available for presentations/demonstrations and will make final selections for the 2024 program by Jan 15, 2024, although preliminary selection may be sooner. Feel free to send us up to two proposal submissions for different topics. Remember that we are focused on quiet, non-motorized activities and learning, as well as environmental stewardship, diversity, and safety. We also have the option for presenting a QAS demonstration on one of two demonstration stages.  Talks and QAS demonstrations should be 45-60 minutes. 

Those selected will have access to complimentary booths and 2 complimentary entries to the event. 

If you have any questions or concerns, please sent an email to

Some of the smiling faces from QAS 2023 speakers!